Set Up Your Travel and Honeymoon Transportation

Bride and Groom — Honeymoon in Florissant, MO

Enjoy your Trip, We Will Take Care of Transportation

As a transportation service, most services only provide local solutions. Andre Lecompte Limousine Service has multiple connections throughout the world. With our travel packages, we will arrange all transportation services to and from the airport regardless of your location. Dealing with rental companies and deadlines can be frustrating and stressful. Let our travel agency do all the arranging for you all under one house. Our representatives will communicate with other transportation services at your destination point and have everything ready before you even arrive.

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Honeymoon Travel Packages

Honeymoons take a lot of planning and arranging prior to the trip. Let us take care of all the semantics of transportation throughout your special occasion. Our representatives will work closely with you on your arrival and departure dates to provide you with quality transportation no matter where you are.

Are you looking to go out of the country? That's ok! Our travel agency is very resourceful and will have a driver waiting for you outside of customs upon arrival to your destination. Andre Lecompte Limousine Service will provide vouchers and contact names for you during your trip for assurance in communication between you and the driver.

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